Clay Buchholz suffers hamstring strain


FORT MYERS, Fla. — The 2013 Boston Red Sox are picking up right where the 2012 team left off, at least when it comes to injuries. On Tuesday, John Farrell informed the media that starting pitcher Clay Buchholz injured his right hamstring when he bent over to pick up a ball during the first day of pitchers fielding drills at JetBlue Park.

“Clay strained his right hamstring covering first base, so there’s no time frame yet, he’s day-to-day, he’ll get re-evaluated tomorrow, and then we’ll have a better read on how many days he’s going to be treated. [It’s a] mild strain, but enough to get him off the field,” Sox skipper John Farrell said.

Farrell noted that Buchholz’s injury was a good spot to recover easily–right in the middle of his hamstring–away from his knee. Buchholz will sit with the trainers Wednesday, and will receive multiple treatments each day until he is fully recovered, in an effort to speed the process up.

Buchholz is optimistic that he’ll be ready to take the field again soon, saying “I just felt a little tweak and decided not to push it anymore, come in and have them take a look at it. They said it was the best-case scenario. They said if you had to have a hamstring injury, this was the best one [to have].”

Farrell added that Buchholz wasn’t scheduled to make a start in the exhibition game schedule until at least five games in, and that he should be fully recovered by then, since he came to camp in good shape.

Buchholz blames the injury on being a little tight, and possibly not stretching enough before his workout Tuesday, “It was just a matter of doing all those sprints yesterday and being a little tight and maybe not stretching as much as I need to. Lesson learned. I’ll be stretching every day now as much as I can.”

Buchholz isn’t the only Red Sox pitcher who’s experiencing issues at the start of spring training. On Monday,  John Farrell said that Felix Doubront and Craig Breslow are both a little behind the rest of the pitchers at the start of camp. Farrell blamed their conditions, not on injury, but on weakness in their throwing shoulders. 

“Both of those guys will be a little more held back,” Farrell said Monday. “Not because of injury situations, just maybe some discomfort or overall strength that they felt in their long-toss programs. More precautionary than anything.”

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