Lucchino: Sellout Streak Will Likely End


FORT MYERS, Fla. — They say all good things must come to an end, and the sellout streak at Fenway Park is no exception. On Thursday, Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino told the media that the Red Sox sellout streak will likely end this upcoming April.

Lucchino’s exact words? He told reporters at today’s spring training workout at JetBlue Park, that the sellout streak, “will rest in peace some time in April,” because “ticket sales are more challenging as they have been since our first year here.”

Lucchino added that the streak could possibly end during the Red Sox second homestand, a game against the Baltimore Orioles, a team who at one time, had a stadium full of Red Sox fans during their own homestands. But in a game of role-reversal, with each game last season, more and more black and orange showed up to fill the seats at Fenway.

The team’s sellout streak made news during the 2012 season, when they passed the Portland Trail Blazers with the longest regular-season sellout streak, at 745 consecutive games, despite many empty seats at Fenway Park. The Red Sox replied to the accusation that the sellout streak was a fraud by announcing that they count all of the tickets they distribute for free as part of the total number of tickets that count toward the sellout. The record for longest overall sellout streak in history is still held by the Trail Blazers, at 814 games, a record the Red Sox would’ve had the opportunity to break this season.


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