Pedroia: Sexy and he knows it


Fort Myers, Fla., — Just when you thought there was no way an LMFAO lyric could be involved in Red Sox spring training, there it is.

In Terry Francona’s book, “Francona: The Red Sox Years” there is a section that discusses the Red Sox owners hiring a marketing team to conduct a survey which concluded that Dustin Pedroia was a “sexy” player, thus determining that the team needed more “sexy” players.

Let’s preface this with the answer that Pedroia gave in response the question that everyone gets asked the first week of spring training, “How did you spend this offseason?”

“Straight body building. Can’t you tell?”

Pedroia hasn’t read Francona’s book yet. When he was asked about it at Spring Training on Tuesday, he replied, “They didn’t need to hire a damn marketing team. I could have told them that for free.

“It was all my friends. … I don’t know, I just started laughing. That’s pretty funny.”

Pedroia was then asked if he’d read the book, to which he rolled his eyes and laughed, answering, “no,” he said. “I have no time for that.”

He has no time for books: look at that body…he works out.


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