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New England Sports Journal is a news channel dedicated to cover everything going on in the sports arena. More and more people depend on the new websites to be informed about the happenings around the world. But the unreliable sources, fake news, paid reviews, plagiarism etc. are degrading the image of the news portals. We aim to build a reliable news channel presenting the accurate and timely news to the viewers, verified by the professionals.

To achieve our aim, we have framed very stringent policies for our journalists to promote high-standard journalism. Our quality oriented approach makes sure that whatever content is presented to our audiences, the source of the same is verified, the content is free from any bias and reliable. We maintain an impartial, arms-length relationship with anyone seeking to influence the news.

Indoor sports, outdoor sports, games, Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, La Liga, IPL, events, sports expos, etc. – we have an eye on everything. When sharing editorials and other opinion articles, we encourage and promote views that foster understanding, insight and civil discourse. We seek to offer viewpoints that represent various views on a particular topic.

We act honorably and ethically in dealing with news sources, the public, and our colleagues. We observe standards of decency. We do not plagiarize or fabricate information. We use technological tools with skill and thoughtfulness, avoiding approaches that skew facts, distort reality, or sensationalize events.

Our team consists of the sports savvy personalities stemming from diverse branches – Sports writers, coaches, Magazine editors, journalists, news reports, commentators, etc. By following the ethical norms and adhering to the stringent journalistic standards, they ensure the delivery of high standard content.

Meet our team of sporty journalists: New England Sports Journal Team

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