Cristiano Ronaldo calls himself ‘completely different’ from Salah

Cristiano Ronaldo recently called himself ‘completely different’ from Liverpool’s newest star Mohammed Salah. The Real Madrid Striker talked to BT Sport about the Champions League final scheduled for Saturday.

Salah, the new Liverpool heartthrob, has scored 44 goals this season, in all competitions, topping one more than Ronaldo, who has 43 goals to his name. As the season is coming to an end, his performance is being compared with some of the best players in the world, including the Madrid player. Ronaldo believes that a comparison between the two is impossible, given their different styles as well as their height difference.

He said, “People want to compare me with other players, I am different to everyone. Salah is different to everyone. So, we are different.” The Egyptian is 5 inches smaller than the Portuguese superstar. He added, “He plays with the left, I play with the right, I’m tall, he’s a little bit shorter. I play with my head, you know — we are completely different. But I have to say he has had a fantastic season, but Saturday, let’s see.”

Salah’s debut match came in a European final, but he is yet to be compared with the four-time Champions league trophy winner Ronaldo. He says that the landmark excites him. “It is a special competition, in terms of me as an individual. I love to play in the Champions League,” he said in an interview. “It will be a dream if we, and I personally win my fifth Champions League. It will be unbelievable. I just want to be focused on Saturday and try to win this amazing trophy.”

This is the fifth time he will be entering the Champions League final and being the favorite in the competition; it is likely that Madrid could lift the trophy this time as well. With this, the club will get its fourth trophy with Ronaldo by their side.

Before this, Dejan Lovren suggested that Salah should be in the race for the Ballon d’Or alongside Messi and Ronaldo. He said that he doesn’t want to put pressure on the young Egyptian but given his caliber, he could emerge as one of the most valuable players for his club. He also suggested that Salah’s natural style matches perfectly with that of Liverpool.

The explosive final between the two teams is set to rock the weekend for European fans around the world. The ability to handle pressure will decide the winner. For Real Madrid, it would be all about proving that they are a timeless classic when it comes to European finals. Liverpool might want to bring their glory days back after a successful campaign running through the season. In the middle of the tense times, the Kiev airport recently canceled three flights carrying more than 1000 Liverpool fans today. The airport suggested that they do not have enough capacity to handle such large aircraft at once.

The Ukrainian city is currently painted in Red and Blue because of thousands of fans reaching there every day.

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