Draymond green should have been called for infraction

The ‘Last Two Minute Report’ of the NBA has highlighted two separate instances of infraction that should been called on Draymond Green. The Golden State Warrior violated the regulations in the last few seconds of the game in the 124-114 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers that stretched to overtime.

The league noted the first infraction when Green committed a lane violation. He established a rebounding position before George Hill as he entered the paint. Hill released the second of the two free throws the team attempted with only 4.7 seconds remaining in the game. He missed this attempt after which JR Smith caught the offensive rebound and then quickly dribbled beyond the 3-point line. The score tied 107-107 at this point. Smith went for a time stretch instead of attempting a point gainer in these final seconds.

Before this, Green should also have been called for a foul. With 12.1 seconds remaining, he grabbed Cavs’ LeBron James’ arm. This restricted his movement. The contact happened immediately before James passed to Hill. Klay Thompson fouled the Cavs point guard quickly after this. At this position, the Cavs were in the bonus. If the foul was called during the game, then the two free throws would have gone to Cleveland instead of the Warriors. Note that the team was down by one point, scoring 107-106 and two free throws could have changed the face of the game.

James, once again, performed well during the game and converted 10 for 11 of his shooting attempts from the free throw line in the game. The League also explained why the Kevin Durant’s call with 36.4 seconds remaining on the clock was overturned and it became a blocking foul on James.

The report said, “The crew was not reasonably certain whether James was in the restricted area after an offensive foul was called against Durant. Upon replay review, it was confirmed that James was outside the restricted area. The referees also reviewed whether James was in a legal guarding position, which is an additional reviewable matter for this replay trigger. Replay showed James was not in a legal guarding position because he was turning his body and moving into Durant when contact occurred. Thus, the initial call on the floor was overturned and James was assessed a blocking foul.”

The NBA Finals Game 1 has everything that one can expect from a typical Cavaliers- Warriors lineup. James existed on a completely different level as against the two teams. He was one of the most entertaining and delectable watches during the game. The foul called on James will never be forgotten by the team. The good news is that Love has not been suspended for Game 2, which is the saving grace for the Cavs. He put on a great defensive show adding 21 points. Though he missed seven of the eight 3-pointers he attempted, he did well for the team. He is not the best that Cavs would want but is still a workable option.

Game 2 is scheduled for Monday.

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