Jose Mourinho says that Manchester United wants to resign Ronaldo

Could Ronaldo be re-signed to Manchester United? If Jose Mourinho is to be believed, then the team would not turn down an opportunity to sign the Portuguese. However, he added that Real Madrid will not want to sell him.

The 33-year-old has now been linked with an exit from the Madrid for long. As he makes an exit from Bernabeu, where he spent the past six seasons, Manchester United looks like the most likely place for him to grow. Mourinho doesn’t think that the player will ever want to leave Madrid but acknowledges the fact that that it will be hard to lose a chance to bring him back to the Premier League.

He said, “I consider that Real Madrid cannot sell, they can’t. It’s prohibitive. He has to stay until the time when they authorize him to go and play one year to America or any other place where he wants to go. The door is closed. That is the impression I have. Everyone knows his history at Manchester, the passion they have for him, and that there are players in the world who, if clubs have the possibility of signing, will not say no.”

United is charging for the FA Cup final match against Chelsea on Saturday. Mourinho, who will be leading the team has also signed a contract extension with the club, because of which he will stay with them till 2020 at least. He was very hopeful about his career as a manager, suggesting that he has at least 15 years of management left in him and he will not want to end his career at Old Trafford.

During the interview, he was also asked whether he could be managing the Portugal national team one day. He commented that it was “not a dream or an obsession. I came close once but [Real Madrid president] Florentino Perez didn’t let me because he believed that the role of Real coach was not compatible with being part-time coach of the national team,” he said.

He also added, “[I’ll consider it] only when I’m tired of the day-to-day, the three matches a week, the seven training sessions per week, and the one-month pre-season, things that don’t tire me now.”

Ronaldo left United way back in 2009 but looks like the club hasn’t forgotten the player’s contributions yet. It would be great for the team to have him back on their side. In fact, the Twitter account of the club even ran a poll to ask fans who is their best player in the Premier League so far. The first position was held by Ronaldo, followed by Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes.

With his recent comments, he is making sure that Ronaldo pays attention to his previous employer. The rumors about him going away from Madrid are becoming stronger by the day, even though his clauses of exit are prohibitive. Mourinho has clearly hinted that the club will be glad to have him back while ensuring that his name is considered when the Portuguese national team coach is considered next.

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