Stephen Curry gets back into the game, warriors win over rockets

After a rather disappointing show by both teams in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals, Game 3 started off well. This series, which tied 1-1, owing to blunders and bad performance by both teams, now sides the Golden State Warriors. They defeated the Houston Rockets 126-85 on Sunday, reassuring a chance of a final series win.

The Warriors today turned out to be a better team and displayed several run-outs in transition, highlighted some swinging passes and pretty splits as well. Kevin Durant ruled the game, dominating through the match and giving the team a chance to snatch victory away from the opponents. He was ably helped by the two-time MVP Stephen Curry who added fuel to fire and added 18 points to the tally in the third quarter. He went for a perfect 7-for-7 shooting from the field as well.

His record became more enviable as the game progressed. He scored 5-for-12 shooting from beyond the 3-point arc. After halftime, he went for a 4-of05 shooting from the same position. At the end of the game, he had 35 points to his credit with his 13-for-23 shooting from the field. He played an offensive game right from the start, but the beginning of the game wasn’t as great.

Curry struggled through Game 1 and Game 2 of the series and his long-range shots became his Achilles’ heel during this time. He went for only 2-of-13 shooting during the two games behind the 3-point line, which continued in the first half of this game too. He scored on only one of his 7 attempts of gathering 3 points for his team.

In the third quarter, he found his struggles wavering as he bounced back into the game and made 5 shots in less than 3 minutes of the third quarter. Warriors had taken a 15-point lead over the Rockets which extended to 24 points due to his long-range shooting efforts, one of which even shimmying him down the floor.

During the first half, the team’s effort to win was led by Durant. He maintained a steady onslaught onto the Rockets, who simply didn’t seem ready for an attack. The tall man easily worked over the smaller Houston defenders and scored 25 points on a 9-for-19 shooting from field. He also converted 3 of his 8 attempts to score from the 3-point range.

The witnessed another great performance in the form of Draymond Green. Even though he scored just 10 points on his 3-for-9 shooting, he managed 6 assists and collected 17 rebounds for his team. Klay Thompson added 13 points while Andre Iguodala added 10 points to the team score. The Rockets, on the other hand, looked clueless and uncomfortable. They missed 12 shots on the point-blank range which could have at least helped them lose respectfully. James Harden seemed to have lost his rhythm while Chris Paul trailed behind him too. Harden made just 20 points in the game. It also shows how much the Rockets rely on their star player for a win. If they don’t realize that a team effort is needed for a victory, they could face tough times again.

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