Vegas golden knights become unlikely entrants into stanley cup finals

Stanley Cup can see an unlikely winner this year as the Vegas Golden Knights charge into the finals. Known as a ‘band of misfits’ this team has shocked everyone by prolonging its season this year. The team looks proud and happy with their performance and they are eyeing the trophy this time. They will be appearing for the finals on Sunday.

After winning the Western Conference Finals against the Winnipeg Jets 2-1, the team looks brimming with confidence. They won the series dominantly, with the final tally resting at 4-1. After losing the first game in the series, they came back in style and destroyed their opponents, winning four straight games. Winger Ryan Reaves scored the winning goal in Game 5. After beating the Jets, he said, “We call ourselves the Golden Misfits for a reason. We’ve proven everyone else wrong all season.”

The team is well aware of their nicknames and used it to their advantage to give us a surprise final. While the team performed well and didn’t trail in the last four games, they could still be the underdogs. Their opponents in the finals could be a very powerful team. Currently, the series between Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals is coming to a decisive end. With 5 games in the series, the Lightnings have taken a 3-2 lead. Game 6 is scheduled for Monday in Washington.

If Lightnings win this game too, they will become Knights’ Stanley Cup opponents. Winger Jonathan Marchessault said, “Whoever we play in the next round, I’m sure we will not be favored.” With their track record, it is unlikely that they will be the favorites in the game. Playing against either of the Capitals or the Lightnings will be tougher than the Jets and the team has plenty of time to decide their strategy to take on these teams.

The Vegas team has become the second expansion team in the history of MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL since 1960 to enter a championship series in their debut season. This feat was achieved by St. Louis Blues in 1967-68 season. Those, however, were different times as only 12 teams existed during the time, of which 8 entered the playoffs. Considering this, the Vegas boys have a truly inspirational and more enchanting record to their name.

During the Western Conference Finals, the team successfully broke the Jets’ unwelcome record of never losing more than three games in a row. This time, they lost four. The Knights’ were awarded the Clarence Campbell Trophy. The excitement was evident. Defenseman Deryk Engelland accepted it and skated around, showing off the team’s prized possession.

The team doesn’t want to be superstitious about lifting the cup. Engelland said, “All season long we haven’t been superstitious. Why stop now?”

The grand prize- Stanley Cup is still a step away from this team. It will be interesting to see how they perform on the big day. The team looks excited and ready for their next match and if they win the cup, they will become a glorious part of history books.

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