Vinicius junior reveals why he chose Real Madrid over Barcelona

Vinicius Junior is no stranger to fame. The rising star of Madrid talked to the media and revealed the real reason he chose Real Madrid over Barcelona. The answer was simple- the Bernabue club is much larger than its fierce rival. When Junior was up for a new team debut last year, he was followed by a number of suitors. Many top clubs pursued the 16-year-old, even Barca. However, it was Real that beat everyone to sign him for a whopping 45 million euros. The young Brazilian’s talent wooed everyone in Europe and this is one of the reasons why he became so popular, even though he never played a senior match with Flamengo, his club at that time.

Junior is often considered the heir to Neymar’s legacy in the Brazilian national team. The youth hails from Rio de Janeiro and he will not be able to become a part of Los Blancos until he turns turn this July. That doesn’t, however, change the way experts are looking at him. This expressive style is being compared to the greatest footballers of the past generations and he is quite happy to be in the league.

Talking to ESPN Brazil on Wednesday, he revealed why he didn’t choose the Catalans and stuck to the 13-time European Champions Madrid instead. He forward said, “I chose Real Madrid because it’s the biggest club. I’ve always chosen to play among the best, and with help from Marcelo and Casemiro, I made that choice.”

Marcelo and Casemiro, the fellow Brazilians played an instrumental role in recruiting him. He revealed, “They messaged me, called me … always saying that the best have to play with the best. I admire Marcelo a lot, and also Casemiro. I’ve always admired them both, I always followed them and now they helped me to choose Madrid, which so far has been great for me.”

So what is so special about this player that he was been pursued by the two best clubs in European football history at such a young age? The answer is- his gameplay. He has played a great part in helping Flamengo get a solid start to this season during which he scored six goals and managed three assists, while playing 11 matches in Copa Libertadores and league matches.

Experts have weighed-in on his form and found him to be a very impressive player too. However, some are asking questions whether he will be joining real right after his 18th birthday or spend the summer with Flamengo. It is also to be noted if he is on loan or if he would continue the development at his current club.

Junior did not shed any light in this regard. He said, “For me, it would be best to adapt as quickly as possible. There, the dynamics of the game are different from Brazil. Everything Real Madrid has offered me, I’ll choose the best option together with my agent and Flamengo, not only thinking about the present but thinking ahead, on how much I’ll evolve and get the experience I need, whether it is here at Flamengo or leaving.”

For now, Madrid fans can keep their fingers crossed.

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