Will power beats Ed Carpenter to win Indy 500

Will Power won the Indianapolis 500, to give a sensational and stellar final to the audience around the globe. In the high-stakes, adrenaline pumping game, the drivers worked as hard as the strategists and engineers who helped in keeping the teams in top shape. Power, the 37-year-old Australian did his best to stay ahead in the game, after having to restart with just 8 laps left. Stefan Wilson, the young driver who was taking the lead at this moment had to surrender because he was trying to stretch his fuel to the last drop. He finished 15th in the race.

Power registered his 34th IndyCar victory but this is the first time he has won the Indianapolis circuit after 11 tries. The biggest race in the indie circuit, the Indianapolis event was always an enigma for Power. He was one of the favorites in the past few seasons but in 2015, he found his most heartbreaking loss to Juan Pablo Montoya his Penske Racing teammate.

After a celebration, he said, “I honestly was beginning to believe I was never going to win this race.” After passing through the checkered flag, he screamed into his radio, “Show me respect, m—–f—–!” and after a lot of screaming, he was finally exhausted in two hours. But this stint was quite well deserved for the driver.

He said, “I just screamed like I’ve never screamed before. It was just amazing. The last two laps, the last lap, seeing the white flag, the checkered, I mean, you can’t explain it. It’s what I needed so badly, what I wanted so badly, and it came true. Anyone here knows how that would feel. You want something so much, it comes through to you through hard work and determination.”

The excitement of Power was quite visible as entered the winner’s circle and shouted some more in glee while his wife poured some milk over his and his crew’s head. With this win, his team, headed by the 81-year-old Roger Penske has registered 17 top finishes in the Indy 500. Penske said, “To be able to race on Memorial Day in the biggest sporting event in the world, have America the way it is, that’s what I’m going to take away from this race. I’m just so thrilled, 17 wins. Now I have to worry about 18. I’m not going to look back. I’ll look forward. We have to be back next year.”

Hometown hero and pole sitter Ed Carpenter was leading most of the laps during the race. However, he finished second in the race, lagging three seconds behind the winner. During the Memorial Day Weekend, Sunday’s scorching heat could not stop the race lovers to attend the 200-lap race. On track temperatures went above 130 degrees while the spectators were witnessing the race at near 90 degrees. The new race car design had everyone guessing what to expect, including the 33 participant teams. There was a total of 30 lead changes during the race while the drivers kept wondering what strategies to apply and get an edge over others.

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