Willian wants to leave Chelsea, rift with coach conte likely

Chelsea’s winger Willian is ready to leave the club and reunite with Jose Mourinho at Manchester United. Sky Sports recently reported that Man U is also interested in getting him on their side. If Willian leaves this summer, the FA Cup winners could have a hard time in finding a replacement for home at such short notice.

The Brazilian midfielder reportedly has issues with coach Antonio Conte. He will leave Stamford Bridge if Conte retains his position as the head coach. By the current circumstances, it looks that Conte may not continue with the club. He has helped the team loft the second trophy in his two seasons which qualifies as a good record. However, an embarrassing fifth place finish in the Champions League fades everything away in comparison. The team also failed to retain their Premier League title. Their two trophies stand dwarfed in comparison to the failures they have endured.

Willian still has two years remaining on his contract. He came to Chelsea from Russian club Anzhi in 2013 and made 236 appearances for the team, scoring 44 goals. Looking at his last five games, it seems evident why the 29-year-old has problems with the Italian manager. He has been sitting on the bench for four games and was kept out of the final starting line-up on the 1-0 FA Cup final game which Chelsea won over United. He only entered as a late substitute in the game.

He later posted a picture of the team celebrating with the trophy but edited out the Italian on Sunday. He used a few ‘cup’ emojis to hide him completely from the picture, for which he also received flak from the followers. This shows that the manager and himself have an ongoing rift. Conte assured of his commitment to the team after the Wembley victory but consistently underplayed questions about his future with Stamford Bridge. Last week’s final could be the last time he was seen by the team’s side. However, he believes that he is a serial winner and has done a great job for his team.

He said after the victory, “In a difficult season like this I showed I’m a serial winner. This is the truth. To win in this way, this season, gives me more satisfaction than my win from the past.”

Willian, on the other hand, has hinted several times that he has issues within the club. In an interview with ESPN Brasil he said, “Oh boy. Do you really want me to tell you? Let’s save it for the next interview.”

Reports suggest that Jose Mourinho from United is still a huge admirer of Willian and would love to have him on the team. It is unlikely that he will leave the team if the manager is replaced. However, the friendly pat on the shoulder by Mourinho shows that United could aggressively try to poach the player on their side. The club still hasn’t made clear if they will want to give the Italian another chance or find someone new for the team.

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